How Do Employees Really Feel About?

J.Kingsly Yesudian


I have been given lots of opportunities to work at different levels and in areas with different roles and responsibilities. We have a lot of fun every day as we work toward achieving the organizational objectives.


Group Coordinator Customer Care

In Breezen Technologies,Employees feel appreciated and are recognized for their dedication and hard work I felt that my quality of life would significantly improved and my skills also developed.


Web Designer

I joined here as a raw youngster, and the kind of exposure I have received has been phenomenal and has helped me mould myself into a well-rounded professional. I have learnt several aspects of running a business here and am the better for it

A.Senthil Kumar

Software Team Leader

My position affords me every opportunity to learn and grow professionally while working here. It's truly the best company I've had the opportunity to be a part of, and I look forward to many years at Breezen Technologies.

Create motivating work:  The most important thing any leading organization does is to create a motivating environment to ensure that every member is doing strategic work. When an employee feels that their work is yielding results, this makes them energetic and creates a go getter attitude. The story of the two bricklayers is a perfect example, one saw his job as brick stacker while other saw it as his mission to build a magnificent cathedral. Same job - different perspective.

Hire Players:  'A' player's - i.e. high performers are self-motivated individuals. When you create a team of 'A' players, they bring with them high levels of motivation, enthusiasm, energy and passion to their work and to their team.

Get Personal. At Breezen Technologies  we follow "Know your employees as people - learn about their families, their career goals and care about them." We don't let our employees miss out on important family events - we let them know that family comes first.